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© Yunus Ozkazanc


Located right at the heart of Istanbul in Galatasaray Square, the central point of İstiklal Street lying between Tunnel and Taksim Square, the Yapı Kredi Cultural Art Complex has been reopened, and although the building is new, it has been renovated as an alternation of the original design made by Paul Schmitthener in 1958. Thanks to Guardian Clarity™ – a featured product from Guardian Glass – being preferred in the renovation of the spectacular facade of the building that has brought culture and art lovers back to the area with the signature of Teget Architecture, visitors of the building get to experience the atmosphere of Pera at its maximum transparency. 

© Yunus Ozkazanc

Serving not only as a bookstore but also as an art center, the Yapı Kredi Cultural Art Complex has been recently reopened at its location in Galatasaray, Pera, after the renovations carried out by Teget Architecture. The connection built between the square and the building, the mass of the building and the design of facades facing İstiklal Street and Ara Sokak physically incorporates the cultural art complex into the surrounding urban texture and also includes the urban texture in the interior. The facade of the Yapı Kredi Cultural Art Complex opening out to İstiklal Street combines the interior with the city spectacularly thanks to Guardian Clarity™- an anti-reflective glass developed by Guardian Glass – and provides a unique experience to its visitors.

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