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© Lucas van der Wee

Designed by architecture firm Cepezed, Park Hoog Oostduin is a redevelopment of the original Shell office buildings into a residential complex, which has a modern, elegant look. The original buildings have been transformed with the focus entirely on sustainability and premium quality.

© Lucas van der Wee

A key part of the redevelopment are the high strips of glass and strips of white enamelled safety glass, which respect the modernist character of the existing building, but at the same time give the new residential property an alluring look and feel.

© Lucas van der Wee

Guardian SunGuard® SN 62/34 was chosen for the rear façade. For the front façade, SunGuard® SN 51/28 was selected. These coated solar control glass products both offer very high natural light transmission and minimise the need for artificial light, while offering excellent solar protection and outstanding thermal insulation. The glass has a sophisticated neutral reflected and transmitted colour.

Guardian SunGuard SN 62/34,a double-silver coated solar control glass with a very light neutral grey appearance combined with high light transmission and excellent thermal insulation has been upgraded to Guardian SunGuard® SN 63 as well as Guardian SunGuardSN 51/28, upgraded to Guardian SunGuard® SN 51 so that they can better correspond to the market's expectations in terms of aesthetics and performance.

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