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As architects we're very proud! What we see now is an A-Class office building in the making in Amsterdam. The fenestration by TGM is TOP and the Guardian® SNX 50 glass behaves very natural, the glare is genuinely modest. A modest, sustainable straight-lined transparent building, the ideal environment for contemporary working.
©Georges De Kinder

The Oliphant is a unique, inspiring office building located in southeast Amsterdam. Immediately recognisable by its eye-catching Y-shape, the redeveloped building, designed by OZ architect, has been transformed from a closed ‘90’s office space into a transparent, urbanised building.

©Georges De Kinder

The Oliphant has open floor plans that offer clear orientation and an open view of the surroundings. The curved effect of the facade generates a dynamic, organic connection between the office floors. A strong emphasis on longevity and sustainability is expected to attract a “Very Good” BREEAM certification for the building. The transparent façade helps to reduce the building’s energy demands.

©Georges De Kinder

Guardian SunGuard® eXtra Selective SNX 50 solar control glass was selected for the glazed facade. This new generation of triple silver coated product offers even better colour consistency and enhanced internal reflections, with a highly desirable, consistent, neutral, transparent appearance – regardless of the viewing angle. The glass provides the ideal balance between high light transmission and solar factor, with outstanding thermal performance. Natural daylight reaches almost all areas of the building, helping ensure building occupants are comfortable.

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