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Courtesy of Louvre Museum, Paris

In museums, glass displays protect valuable artefacts from damage or distress, whilst presenting them in the best possible light. Sometimes the glass itself can act as an obstruction to the view. Unwanted glare, reflections or reduced lighting levels can obstruct visitors’ views through the glass, preventing precious works of art from being seen clearly and in their original colour and detail.

Guardian ClarityTM anti-reflective glass was chosen by the Louvres Museum to showcase its priceless Duc de Luynes collection by Froment Meurice. Guardian Clarity ensures high contrast and optimum colour neutrality combined with transparency and incredible aesthetic appeal at any angle.

Courtesy of Louvre Museum, Paris

For museum designers and scenographers, achieving the perfect balance between good lighting and bad reflections can be a constant challenge. Guardian Clarity allows them to focus on getting the best out of the display itself, without having to play with different lighting solutions to try to combat distracting reflections in the glass.

Courtesy of Louvre Museum, Paris
Courtesy of Louvre Museum, Paris

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