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©Frank Weber

Located in the Sachsenhausen-Süd district of Frankfurt, Germany, the Henninger Turm building has been a major landmark of the city for more than 50 years. This stunning building won an International Iconic Award 2015 in the “domestic architecture” category for its “visionary architecture”.

©Frank Weber

Formerly a grain storage silo built by Henninger Brewery, the building was demolished in 2013 and replaced by a 140-metre high, ultra-modern residential tower that contains around 210 luxury apartments. Designed by architects Meixner Schlüter Wendt, the new high-rise building keeps a similar style to the original industrial structure.

©Frank Weber

The impressive façade is characterised by an interplay of shapes, colours and structures, using a blend of different materials: glass, aluminium and natural stone. The glass chosen for the façade was supplied by Guardian Glass.

©Frank Weber

Guardian SunGuard® SN 51/28 and SN 62/34 coated solar control glass were chosen for the curved glass façade. The multi-functional coated glass provides high natural light transmission, while helping with energy savings and with exceptional solar protection. The coatings also minimise the need for artificial light combined with outstanding thermal insulation, helping to keep the building’s occupants comfortable at all times.

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