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©Pavel Šinagl

Designed by Bogle Architects, the ELI Beamlines facility is a European laser research centre located in Dolní Břežany on the outskirts of Prague. The 28,000 square-metre complex offers unique sources of intense radiation and particle beams that enable groundbreaking research in the fields of physics, materials science, biomedical research and laboratory astrophysics.

©Pavel Šinagl

The complex consists of three main buildings: an administrative building, a multi-functional centre and a laser research building. These buildings are capable of accommodating 300 people. The physical links between the three respective sub-building wings facilitates communication between the people in each area, creating an atmosphere of an academic campus within the complex.

©Pavel Šinagl

The modern, natural appearance of the complex is reflected in its intelligent use of glass. The architect selected Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral® (SN) 70/37 on Guardian ExtraClear float glass for the glazed façade, windows and impressive-looking atrium. This coated solar control glass provides a combination of high solar protection and exceptional light transmission (70%) on a neutral-looking glass, which ensures sufficient natural light is allowed to reach virtually all areas of the building.

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