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Inner skin : REFLEX
Outer skin: BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG


GIG Fassaden GmbH

“Façade designs of this character often meet technical issues that tend to challenge the initial design intent. However, in this case, it’s been a win-win because the technical performance of the façade in terms of energy control goes hand-in-hand with the architectural aspirations.”
Torben Østergaard - 3XN Architects
©Adam Mørk

cube berlin is the sculptural centerpiece of one of the most prominent squares in Berlin. Built specifically to support today’s workplace trends of multi-tenant occupancy, cross-organisational communication, activity-based workstations, shared facilities and dynamic office layouts, it’s also one of the smartest buildings in Europe, integrating 'Internet of Things' concepts into the design that allow optimisation of everything from access and indoor climate control, to maintenance and energy supply, as well as the behaviour of users.

©Adam Mørk

The sides of the cube-shaped building measure 42.5 metres and resemble an abstract, modern sculpture from the outside. The building’s appearance changes constantly depending on how the light falls. Architects 3XN have created deliberate geometric transformations that create a prismatic pattern of triangular surface reliefs. Dynamic recesses have been cut into the façade to create terraces for the building’s tenants on the upper floors.

©Adam Mørk

The fully glazed façade is extremely energy efficient due to its osmotic skin, which includes a pioneering application of solar control coatings on the outer skin of the double façade. This, in addition to a suite of technical solutions that include energy capture from heat, allow cube berlin to perform as a highly energy efficient fully glazed building that is pursuing DGNB Gold certification.
For the whole building, ClimaGuard® Premium2 + SunGuard® SN 62/34 + SunGuard® HD Diamond 66 from Guardian Glass were used. 

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©Adam Mørk
©Adam Mørk

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