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Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium

©Steven Scrivens

The Burntwood School in Wandsworth, South London, was a campus built in 1950. Of the original complex, only the building with a swimming pool and gymnasium and the Assembly Hall have survived. The demolished buildings were replaced by six new pavilions designed by the Allford Hall Monaghan Morris architects. These pavilions are subdivided into four buildings for education, one for sports and performing arts, and one for the canteen.

©Steven Scrivens

The striking feature of the pavilions are their prefabricated concrete panels that cover the façades, modules made using eight different moulds with glass of different sizes. These prefabricated elements create movement and lighten the façades, corresponding to very luminous double or triple height interior spaces.

©Steven Scrivens

Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral SN 40/23 and Guardian SunGuard® Super Neutral SN 51/28 coated solar control glass products were selected for the facades. Guardian SunGuard® SN 40/23 is a high selective glass that combines high natural light transmission while providing energy savings‘ possibility through excellent/strong solar protection and thermal insulation. With a neutral transmitted and neutral-bluish reflected colour , the product is ideal for full facade glazing. Guardian SunGuard® SN 51/28 (now replaced by Guardian SunGuard® SN 51) is a double silver coated solar control glass with a slightly more neutral appearance.

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