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©Bálint Hirling

Located in District 11 of Budapest, right next to the MOL Campus, the 120 metre-tall iconic BudaPart Gate C is the first office building on the major BudaPart development site and is home to one of the biggest oil companies in Hungary. Thanks to its unique location, you can see the bay and BudaPart square, which will be the gateway to the new district. The office building provides around 20,000 sqm of office space supplemented by retail areas and restaurants.

©Bálint Hirling

Guardian SunGuard® eXtra Selective SNX 50 was chosen for the building’s stunning fully-glazed façade. SNX 50 is a triple silver coated solar control glass, which offers colour consistency and enhanced internal reflections. 

©Bálint Hirling

SNX 50 provides exceptional clarity, with a highly desirable, consistent, neutral, transparent – regardless of the viewing angle. Internal coloured reflection is optimised, adding a much more neutral tone to the glass when viewed from the inside of the building.

©Bálint Hirling
©Bálint Hirling

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