Esch Belval


Jim Clemes


Mayer / Ramstein


Bohlen - Speicher (Ger.)

The impressive Belval Université railway station serves as both a gateway and a bridge, providing the south entrance to Belval and a bridge over the railway lines. The elegant-looking main building is a 120 metre-long concrete platform, held up by 16 columns that allow it to float 8 metres above the railway lines.

Guardian SunGuard® High Performance (HP) solar control glass (HP Light Blue 63) was chosen for the glazed end walls of the building, as well as for the strips of glazing that run along the side of the building. Together, these glazed areas create a feeling of openness to the internal spaces and a visual connection to the outside.

SunGuard® HP Light Blue 63 was chosen because of its high design flexibility and its all-round visual, solar protection and thermal insulation qualities, providing a comfortable environment all year round.

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