Mattes Riglewski Wahl Architekten


Rupert App GmbH


The new Autohaus Hackert car showroom in Heilbronn’s city centre is a striking new piece of architecture that makes fantastic use of a narrow plot of land. The building combines different construction materials – glass, steel and concrete – to give the design a timeless, classical feel. 


The six-storey car dealership opens up to the south and city streets with a fully glazed façade construction. In the evening the building reveals itself as a glass shelf. Inside the showroom, the floors are connected to each other by air spaces, creating a mix of visual relationships.


SunGuard® SNX 50 HT Ultra was selected for the fully glazed façade. This coated solar control glass provides exceptional clarity regardless of the viewing angle. Internal coloured reflection is optimised, adding a much more neutral tone to the glass when viewed from the inside of the building. SNX 50 lets in 50% of natural daylight combined with just 23% of the solar heat. 


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