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Ocean Village is a mixed-use marina, residential, business and leisure development in Southampton, on the south coast of England.

© Rubin and Sampford Photography

The three-building scheme, which centres around its 26-storey contemporary tower, transforms the city skyline. The property offers just under 300 luxury apartments, private roof terrace gardens, a landscaped public promenade and up to eight bars and restaurants.

© Rubin and Sampford Photography

Guardian ClimaGuard® A 1.1 and Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral (SN) 51/28 were chosen for the fully glazed façade. Guardian ClimaGuard® A 1.1 is a single product low emissivity glass that offers a combination of excellent thermal insulation with a high light transmission, resulting in a Low E glass with a very similar aesthetic appearance to clear float glass.

Guardian SunGuard® SN 51/28 has been upgraded and replaced by Guardian SunGuard® SN 51, a double-silver coated solar control glass with significantly reduced internal reflection and no colour shift. The glass has a slightly more neutral appearance than its predecessor. 


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