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The 50Hertz Netzquartier office building in Berlin was the first in the world to receive the DGNB Diamant award, which recognises a building for its design and architectural excellence, as well as outstanding economic, ecological and social qualities.


Architecturally, the building presents itself as an overlay of three different structures: horizontal storeys, an external net-like structure and the inner orange cores. Each floor offers several balconies as outdoor areas that can be used as workspaces or for rest and relaxation. The external support structure is made from white steel composite columns that enable column-free interiors along the glass façade and thus flexible interior use. At night, individual support segments of the external structure are illuminated, creating dynamic lines that are reminiscent of sine curves. 


The glass chosen for the facades is Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral™ (SN) 62/34. This coated solar control glass combines exceptional solar control with a high light transmission and a low U value of 1.0, to provide exceptional control over the temperature inside the building. This multifunctional coating minimises the need for artificial light and offers outstanding thermal insulation, keeping the building’s occupants comfortable all year round.


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